Introducing an exciting change to your online business banking experience. Our new site is user friendly with top-of-the line features providing the tools necessary to get your job done efficiently and effectively.


Our new Dashboard provides a consolidated and customizable view of account information on one page.

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The Account Detail page displays everything related to a particular account making finding information a snap.

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Move money easily with our new
Transfer and Stop Payment pages.

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It's now easier than ever to receive information from us with our expanded Statement History and Alerts features.

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Our user administration provides a consolidated view of important information, making it quick and easy to manage users.

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Streamlined Navigation

Our new site navigation makes it easier than ever to find the information you're looking for with just one click.

Customizable Dashboard

Because we want to put you in control of your online banking experience, our updates include an easy-to-use Dashboard. Once you log on, the Dashboard puts important information at your fingertips.

New and Improved Features

Sortable Headers - Column headers can now be sorted in ascending or descending order.

Dynamic Search - As you type, search results are filtered in real time.

Improved Help - View details on a specific section without having to navigate away from the page.

Account Grouping - Filter your list of accounts for quick access to frequently used accounts.

Consolidated Work Flows

Gone are multi-step, multi-page processes. Workflows across the site have been consolidated and enhanced for increased efficiency and ease of use.

Simplified User Administration

You can now view important information from a single page making it quick and easy to manage users.

Your new dashboard allows you to communicate with the bank directly through the Secure Message Inbox, instantly view balances, and perform frequently used actions with the following quick links:

  • Download - Download information in a variety of formats.

  • Statements - View or download up to seven years of account statements.

  • Transaction Search - Locate specific transaction or check images.

  • Transfer - Transfer funds to and from your checking and savings accounts in addition to making payments to your line of credit, commercial, mortgage and installment loans. You can also advance funds on a line of credit or loan as applicable.

Account Settings

Use your Account Settings to customize your Dashboard, as well as manage account settings across the website. You can even organize accounts in to defined groups for easy filtering.

Robust Tools

The Account Detail is simple, straightforward and easy to use. These powerful tools can be used on the Account Detail page to help you find the information you need:

  • Group Filtering - Filter your account list dropdown by grouping accounts together into custom categories.
  • Dynamic Search - Easily search by date, transaction description, debit amount, credit amount, or ledger balance.
  • Column Sorting - Each column header can be clicked to sort your information.
  • Expandable Details - Click on the icon to show more detail or the icon to hide the detail.

View Deposit Ticket with Check Images

Use our new feature to search and view all of the checks associated with your deposit tickets online.


Use the Transfers page to send funds between accounts as a one-time occurrence or as a regular event by selecting a frequency.

  • Request payments and transfers from checking and savings to a checking, savings, loan, or line of credit account.
  • View, edit and delete scheduled transfers from the Scheduled Transfers tab.

Stop Payments

  • Automatically place a stop on a single check for six months.
  • View, cancel and renew stop payments online from the View Stop Payments tab.


Our new site allows you to view or download up to seven years of account history in a PDF by statement cycle.


You now have the ability to manage, view, edit and copy alerts all from one page. For example, you can set alerts to notify you when:

  • Your current balance falls below a certain amount.
  • Checks were presented for payment on your account.
  • A deposit has posted to your account.
  • Your account is nearing a potential overdraft.


  • User Permission Report - Download a report of all online users' permissions and activity.
  • Identify and reset locked users.
  • Manage a User - Click on a user to review or edit their contact information and online permissions from one page.